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Computerized Grid Control Centre at Ubungo in DSM have easier power dispersion

Emergency Unit at the site

Ubungo Gas Plant Generators

Kidatu Dam Site


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TANESCO’s generation system consists of hydro, coal, thermal and gas.  Hydro contributes the lion’s share of TANESCO’s power gene-ration .....  Read More


TANESCO owns overhead transmission lines of different high voltage capacities scattered all over the country. The different voltage capacities are......Read More


The Distribution and Customer Services Business Unit stands at the customer end of the electricity supply chain and is therefore Tanesco’s major interface with customers.....Read More

Safety Tips

Avoid Fire Accidents

  • Employ licensed electrical installation contractors during wiring installation at your building
  • Inspect/check wiring installations in your building every five (5) years using licensed contractorRead More

Avoid Transmission Line Accidents

  • Do not do any activity under transmission lines. You are endangering your life.
  • Stop vandalism of electrical equipment in transmission lines.Read More

Save Electricity

Conserving Electricity

With the cost of energy rising, it's important to conserve electricity as much as possible. Not only does this save money, but it helps the environment as well. There are numerous ways to conserve electricity including: Read More