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The Marketing Section

Welcome to the marketing section of the Marketing and Customer Service Division at Tanesco.

We are a team of marketing experts and engineers working towards ensuring customer satisfaction by informing and educating customers on our products and services and how they meet their various needs. Our starting point is an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs. We do this by conducting research for the purpose of understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs and also for the purpose of informing development of products, services and policies that are customer orientated.

We also undertake various promotional activities so as to raise customer awareness and acceptance of Tanesco services and products,

The marketing function at Tanesco is fairly new and so many wonder as to why we have such a function in the first place. Well, here are the reasons:


  • Customer satisfaction is now at the heart of Tanesco business and is therefore among the top three priorities. In its strategic plan the company enumerates five strategic goals of which customer service is one. Tanesco therefore needs not only to understanding its customers’ needs, but also to satisfy and delight the customers.
  • Economic reforms undertaken in the last two decades have ushered in an era of free markets where the rights of customers have driven the government to established regulatory authorities to safeguard the interests of various stakeholders. For the energy sector, the government of Tanzania passed into an act of parliament which established EWURA to regulate the sector and ensure the welfare of consumers by acting as an advocate for the customer.
  • Economic reforms in the country via structural adjustment and economic policies have called in for reforms in the policies geared at stimulating competition in all sectors, including those that were initially dominated by sole Government supported providers. In turn this has forced many parastatal organizations that enjoyed the monopolistic tendencies in the business to live to realities of Market wishes.

In line with the above, Marketing department in TANESCO have been charged with the role of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers requirements. The Marketing department has set the following as strategies aimed at fulfilling customers’ wishes and expectations.


  • The key differentiator for a service organization such as Tanesco is the attitude of our people towards customers and how they apply their knowledge and skills to satisfy customers. For that matter, Tanesco undertakes a massive customer service training which will cover each and every employee. Steps taken in this area include:
  • Hiring of a customer service consultant to train our people on customer service.
  • Development of an inhouse pool of customer service trainers to ensure continuity and lower the costs of customer service training
  • visits and tours to companies with  a reputation for outstanding customer care in order to emulate their best practices in the service area
  • Improving our customer service process by making them friendlier to customers. We are now developing a model one stop shop centre where the revised process will be piloted. The model centre will also serve as training centre where staff from various regions will go for a study tour and learn of the new service structure.
  • Introduction of 3600 evaluation of staff where staff are to be evaluated by their counterparts, customers, and management. Also there will be competition among branches for customer care champions.



The marketing section conducts educational campaigns to customers on areas such as the need and process for reporting emergency cases, steps involved in service line connection, procedures for raising claims against loss in of property or equipment due to electric faulty etc.

The campaigns we run also help to keep customers informed of our products and services, as well as where and how the same can be obtained. Similarly through education, customers are informed on the various activities performed by TANESCO in order to give customers proper know how as well as to clear customer doubts for all issues that were misinformed. The education is to be done via:

  • Media such as Television  and radio stations, newspapers etc
  • Printed brochures and posters
  • Personal selling especially for technical products.
  • Video and Audio clips.



Charity begins at home or so they say, it is in this light that the marketing section ensures that its internal customers – staff – are the first and foremost target of all its campaigns. Once products are known and accepted within the company, it is easier and more effective to promote the product to external customers.

Marketing to internal customers is done through the following media mix:

  • Tanesco’s own intranet available at http://intranet.tanesco.co.tz
  • Involvement of other departments in carrying out marketing campaigns
  • Below the line materials (BTL) such as brochures, banners, process and work flow charts for clarifying responsibilities
  • Hosting internal meetings or training sessions to inform staff about various marketing initiatives.



Proper marketing is only possible if one understands the needs and wants of customers. For that reason, the marketing section undertakes frequent market survey with a view to understanding the needs, wants, preferences and attitudes of customers towards our products and services. The insight so obtained helps in developing strategies for promoting our services to the market.


Establishment of a centralized call centre some time in 2010 will enhance service quality by providing customers with a means for communicating with us on 24/7 basis via phone and e-mail. Staff will also be able to track queries or complaints logged at various stages. The centre will be staffed with highly trained and experienced individuals who are capable of handling customers’ queries or complaints and ensuring they are resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


Every year Tanesco introduces new services and improves existing ones. Whenever this happens, marketing undertakes promotion campaigns for the purpose of informing customers on the availability and benefits accruing to customers from using these services. Promotion campaigns are also carried out to persuade customers on the suitability and usefulness of our products to customers needs.

As for relatively older products and services, marketing undertakes promotion campaigns as a means to remind customers that such services still exist.




Improper use of electricity may lead to losses of money and property of our customers. Our Marketing Engineers pay frequent visits to customers especially Large Power Users in order to establish whether they consume electricity efficiently.

Where customers use of electricity reveal efficiency gaps, our engineers give them free advise on how to use electricity economically thus reducing their operating expenses. This is done through a process technically known as demand side management.


The marketing section appreciates that bringing services closer to customers improves our responsiveness to customers needs. Recently, Tanesco has established new service districts in all the three Tanesco regions in Dar es Salaam.

The newly opened Tanesco service districts are Kigamboni, Yombo, and Mbagala in Temeke region; Kimara in Kinondoni South region; Industrial Area, Gongo la Mboto and Tabata in Ilala region; as well as Mbezi and Tegeta in Kinondoni North region.