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Thermal Power Plant
Ubungo Gas Plant

TANESCO has been implementing power generation mix program, whereby a substantial amount of generation comes from thermal generation through own generation and independent power plants (IPPs). Own thermal generation connected to the grid includes the Ubungo 100 MW gas-fired plant and Tegeta 45 MW all of them located in Dar es Salaam and. Another 100 MW gas-fired power plant located at Ubungo (Refered as Ubungo II) in Dar es Salaam is expected to enter the grid system in December 2011.

There are also several diesel generating stations connected to the national grid in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Tabora, Dodoma, Musoma and Mbeya. These have installed capacity of 80 MW but the only operational grid diesel based station is Dodoma which contributes about 5 MW and the rest are due for disposal due to obsolescence and high maintenance costs. However a short term plan is being implemented to replace the retired capacity by a 60MW plant at Nyakato, Mwanza July 2012.

The other regions, districts and townships namely, Kigoma, Mafia, Mpanda, Tunduru, Songea, Liwale, Masasi, Mbinga, Ludewa, Ngara, and Bihalamulo are dependent on isolated diesel – based generators with a total installed capacity of 38 MW. Kilwa Masoko and Ikwiriri diesel fired stations were closed in 2010 and 2011 respectively after commissioning of Somanga gas fires plant which currently supplies the power to the areas.

Regional headquarters of Bukoba and Sumbawanga in addition to power supply from Uganda and Zambia respectively are equipped with diesel fired stations to ensure reliable supply.

New isolated power station will be in operation in the township of Kasulu, Kibondo and Loliondo at the end of 2011 upon completion of distribution networks.

Mtwara and Lindi are supplied by M/S Wentworth Power Limited, an IPP based in Mtwara. The total capacity of M/s Wentworth Power Limited plant is 18MW using gas from Mnazi Bay gas wells in Mtwara.