The development of energy sector in Tanzania is governed by various instruments including National Energy Policy (NEP) of 2015; Electricity Act CAP 131 of 2008 and its amendments; Electricity General Regulations of 2011 and its amendments; and Electricity Supply Industry Reform Strategy and Roadmap 2014-2025. In order to implement the national plans and strategies which have been earmarked in the governing instruments, the Ministry of Energy (MoE) in collaboration with other key stakeholders such as TANESCO, EWURA, REA, MoFP, and NBS normally prepare the Power System Master Plan (PSMP) which provide investment roadmap and plans towards development of generation and transmission power projects based on the available and forecasted demand. The plans to be executed have been categorized into different time frame including short term plans (up to five years), medium term plans (up to ten years) and long-term plans (above ten years). The current Power System Master Plan is of 2020 Update which has accommodated the future plans for the next 25 years.

Investment in power infrastructure projects require huge capital investment due to their complexity in nature and large in size. Therefore, it necessitates participation of public and private financing to realize the set objectives. Traditionally, TANESCO procures investment projects through Public investment (donors participation and government budget support); Independent Power Projects (IPP); Public Private Partnership (PPP); and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) plus Financing (through Export Credit Agencies). Either modality is engaged through solicited procurement (National or International Competitive Bids) or Unsolicited/Single source procurement


Mission statement is “to research, plan, solicit finance, implement and monitor performance of the major power generation, transmission and distribution projects in an efficient and sustainable manner”.

Vision statement is “to be the most efficient Business Unit in formulating and developing investments that add value to the company at all time”.


The main objective is to increase availability, reliability and quality of grid-based power supply within the country in the next five to ten years

Other objectives include, enhancement of business growth of the Company through private and public investments to enhance the financial stability of the company, expansion of generation, transmission and distribution infrastructures, and diversification of generation sources

To achieve the above objectives, implementation of feasible earmarked projects are done through IPP, PPP, EPC and/or EPC + F modalities. Value for money is the key factor towards implementation of these projects.


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  1. Power generation projects
  2. Transimission line projects
  3. Grid reinforcement projects


  • Rules - Procurement of large Power Projects -14-06-2019
  • The Electricity Development of Small Power Projects Rules 2020-GN-491


The identifies projects above will have several benefits to the Company and national at large, and such benefits are as follows:

  1. Increase of generation capacity to the national grid system
  2. Increase of power availability and reliability to various load centres
  3. Increase on the access to electricity
  4. Strengthening of the transmission line networks to enhance alternatives power transmission
  5. Facilitate security of power supply
  6. Enhance power trade to the neighbouring countries

The development of these projects depends also with the support and participation of development partners in all stages of the project cycle. Hence, TANESCO is inviting project developers/investors/Private funds Initiatives to invest in electricity sub sector in Tanzania.

All project developers/investors are encouraged to provide an Expression of interest (EoI) to:

Managing Director,
Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd (TANESCO),
P.O Box 453, Dodoma, Tanzania.
To ease communication: Please submit your EoI via our email address invest@tanesco.co.tz.
You may further contact us through Tel No. +255 733 506 350 if you need further clarification