Here under please find some of useful tips to assist on safe usage and living around electricity:

  • Fallen or hanging electricity conductors: All should be assumed to be live thus; do not come close or touch them instead inform the nearest TANESCO office or call center.
  • Tree near or under electricity power lines: Tree are good conductors of electricity therefore whether wanted to cut or prune a tree that is under or close to electricity power lines first contact nearest TANESCO office to facilitate a safe exercise.
  • Stay wire: Stay wire can sometime be electrified by the live conductors therefore should not be touched or allow children to play around.

WARNING: If someone comes into contact with a live electrical source - do not touch.

Some tips on how to avoid electrical and fire accidents

  • Do not do any activity, carry long objects or/and build under electrical power lines.
  • Stop vandalism of electrical equipment.
  • Do not set bush fires.
  • Objects touched by a fallen wire e.g. fences, buildings or even surrounding ground must be considered energized and should not be touched.
  • Stay away from towers and lines during extreme windstorms, heavy rains, thunderstorms or other extreme conditions.
  • Do not use VISHOKA on any electrical work. Utilise your nearest TANESCO Office.
  • Do not cut trees or prune tree branches close or under electrical power lines
  • Do not touch or play around stay wires.

How to avoid fire accident in buildings

  • Employ authorised/licensed electrical installation contractors during wiring installation your building. Do not extend electrical wiring to the front house or chicken hut without using licensed contractor
  • Inspect/check wiring installations in your building every five (5) years using licensed contractor
  • Secure any loose connection whenever happens using certified electrician.
  • Avoid overloading your sockets by plugging many appliances at one socket
  • Test electrical protection devices e.g. residual current device (RCD) by pressing the testing button at least once in a month

If someone comes into contact with a live electrical source - do not touch.

  • Push him or her away using bad conductors of electricity e.g. a piece of dry wood. Be very careful as you could as well endanger your life.
  • Inform nearby TANESCO office for any electrical related accident, please inform the nearby TANESCO office.
  • Call for help to rush the victim to the hospital.